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A well-administered polygraph test may bring assurance and closure in a variety of situations, including those involving adultery, the hiring of domestic workers, personal deceit, and family disputes.

Scientific research now proves that a new technology can accurately detect deception in as little as 15 minutes from someone’s eyes. Allowing us to test any person, to establish their integrity. Are they truthful or are they lying?

EyeDetect® assesses credibility by monitoring and recording physiological activity — similar to polygraph — as well as the same ocular data from a standard EyeDetect® test. This revolutionary automated polygraph testing process is impartial, accurate, and less intrusive than a traditional polygraph.

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Used in screening of care-providers and domestic staff

It’s unfortunate but true that the people in whom we place the most confidence can occasionally take advantage of that position. We need to be confident that applicants and workers are carrying out their jobs with the utmost honesty in order to hire carers (nannies) for small children or adults with special needs who are the most vulnerable. In addition, domestic helpers frequently have access to the most private information and the most precious assets of our household.

A childcare and domestic screening test that is carried out by trained professionals may assist in identifying potential danger factors associated with employees. It is possible to determine whether or not they actually possess the qualifications necessary for their employment based on this. In the case that confidential information was leaked, a lie detector test can be used to assess whether or not the subject was responsible in any manner.

We provide individualised lie detector tests as part of the screening process for domestic employees and carers, with the goal of reducing the potential harm done to your loved ones, as well as the loss of your personal assets and information.

Infidelity - Paternity Testing

Family Disputes - Sexual Abuse

When the trust that exists between close family members or partners is called into question, the result is frequently a total breakdown in the quality of the relationships in issue. This might cause you to experience increased stress and a loss of confidence, and it may even hinder your ability to live your life normally, whether at home or abroad.

A Lie Detector Test, one that is carried out by our highly skilled examiners, is a solution that is both quick and reliable. The result will either confirm your suspicions, allowing you to adjust your life appropriately, or it will identify the verified integrity of the person in question, allowing the relationship to be rekindled. Either way, the outcome will determine whether or not the person in question is trustworthy.

The experienced lie detector examiners at Sky Forensics put their extensive investigative knowledge to work for their clients in a manner that is professional, impartial, and discrete. The procedures they use are most likely to result in major confessions from the individuals under investigation.

Why Choose EyeDetect®?

We provide EyeDetect® Lie Detector Tests 7 days a week

  • £395 fixed fee
  • Same day* tests results.
  • Non intrusive.
  • 30-45 minutes test time.
  • No human error, no mistakes.

The EyeDetect® does not rely on an examiners interpretation of data, it sends the data through a series of algorithms which have been used and adapted since 2001 giving fast and accurate results. The Eye Detect system has a confidence test which we use daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

EyeDetect® is cutting-edge technology that analyses bio-cognitive reactions in the eye to spot dishonesty and lying. It registers stress-related eye movements, changes in pupil size, blinks, and fixations. Using these measures and proprietary algorithms, EyeDetect® generates a trustworthiness rating based on the information gathered from its accurate optical scanner.

The next-generation lie detector measures slight changes in eye behaviours to detect lies. Get 91% accuracy with 30-minute screening tests or 15-minute diagnostic (single-issue) tests.

The award-winning EyeDetect® technology accurately integrity tests job applicants, employees, patients, parolees, drug users, athletes, criminal suspects and others about specific issues or crimes in just 15 to 30 minutes.

When you need to find the truth, get a second opinion with EyeDetect® and do a better job protecting against corruption and crime. Ask for the best integrity test.

Screening questions on a variety of subjects may be generated with EyeDetect®. In legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal, it may also be utilised for diagnostic (single-issue) testing. It will completely alter the game in the integrity testing and deception sector.

When you tell lies, your brain needs to work harder to keep up. When the lie’s repercussions are more severe, the amount of effort to be done also increases (cognitive load). Whether or not you are aware of it, this has an effect on the eyes. EyeDetect® monitors a variety of eye-related parameters, including changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, and fixations.

Participants respond to True/False questions on a computer during the examination. Eye behaviours and motions are then recorded by a specialised high-speed infrared camera.

The exam takes around 15 minutes, and then the results (both questions and eye measures) are uploaded to a web server where they may be analysed and scored instantly. At this point a truthful or dishonest participant is then determined.

Authorised users can get test results in a web-based dashboard. The integrity test generates a Credibility Score, this shows the probability the person was truthful.


Fully Accredited

Our examiners are fully accredited and members of several Polygraph Associations.

We all use the latest technology and digital instruments. We have been vetted to the highest levels, worked with national and international intelligence services and can undertake the most sensitive investigations in a discreet and totally confidential manner.

We charge from £395 all inclusive at our office in Manchester, but by request we also offer our services at any other location of your choice.

Our services are available out of office hours, and we are available 7 days a week.

Contact us for bulk booking discounts.

  • Private & Discreet
  • Proven Track Record
  • Flexible Bookings
  • No Hidden Fees

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