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Psychometric Testing For Employment

Evaluate personality characteristics, skills, and competencies using online psychometric tests to determine how a candidate will perform in their job role.

Psychometric Testing in Recruitment

Psychometric exams can be utilized to evaluate not just hard skills like critical thinking, language, and math, but also more sensitive abilities like sociability, adaptability, and interpersonal communication.

Psychometric Test For Employment FAQ's

Traditional methods of hiring, such as interviews and application forms, may only provide so much insight into a candidate’s skills, personality characteristics, talents, and aptitudes; psychometric testing allows for a more in-depth analysis of these factors. Questionnaires, judgments, and personality tests are common types of examinations used to learn more about an applicant’s character and potential contribution to the workplace.

The military, the National Health Service (NHS), and local governments are some of the institutions that have also begun to implement psychometric testing as part of their hiring procedures. Furthermore, 95% of FTSE companies have stated that they use some form of psychometric testing as part of their recruitment process.

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Recruiters are able to develop a more clearer understanding of a candidate by measuring traits such as aptitude, emotional intelligence, and communication style in the beginning of the candidate evaluation process. This allows recruiters to gain a more accurate measure of a candidate’s suitability for a particular role or position.

In the end, it is essential to find the right individual for the right position. This is important not only for maintaining a healthy relationship between the employer and the candidate, but also for increasing job satisfaction, reducing employee turnover, and improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the business.

Candidates who, on paper, seem like they would be a wonderful fit for the position may not end up being as successful once they are exposed to the reality of the workplace.

Psychometric tests indicate a candidate’s logical processes, aptitude for problem-solving, and capacity to comprehend and analyse data through a battery of verbal and numerical-based examinations, scenario judging, and logical reasoning, exposing much more than simply a profile of their personality.

Online psychometric testing can be done immediately, but deciphering the findings will likely take more time. This is because the degree of information in both the exams and the results will determine how long it will take.

In most cases, a combination of aptitude and personality tests will be required. Excellent method for evaluating those all-important “soft talents” Offers vital information regarding the nature of the applicant being considered.


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Our examiners are fully accredited and members of several Polygraph Associations.

We all use the latest technology and digital instruments. We have been vetted to the highest levels, worked with national and international intelligence services and can undertake the most sensitive investigations in a discreet and totally confidential manner.

We charge from £395 all inclusive at our office in Manchester, but by request we also offer our services at any other location of your choice.

Our services are available out of office hours, and we are available 7 days a week.

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