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Financial Regulations Check

Make use of the Financial Regulations Check in order to determine whether or not a candidate has ever had responsibility for actions that are financially regulated.

The Financial Regulations Check Reports On

  • If the candidate has ever been responsible for actions that are regulated by the financial industry
  • Determines whether or not a person has been subject to disciplinary action by the Financial Regulatory Body
  • Checks whether or not the applicant has been subjected to financial sanctions imposed by a country or countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Checking a candidate’s record for violations of financial regulations in one or more countries is a good way to see if they’ve ever been disciplined for their involvement with financially risky endeavours.

A financial regulatory search would look into whether a person had prior authorization and obligations with regards to financially regulated operations. The checks would show if a person had ever been subjected to disciplinary measures for which the Financial Regulatory Body had filed charges.


Fully Accredited

Our examiners are fully accredited and members of several Polygraph Associations.

We all use the latest technology and digital instruments. We have been vetted to the highest levels, worked with national and international intelligence services and can undertake the most sensitive investigations in a discreet and totally confidential manner.

We charge from £395 all inclusive at our office in Manchester, but by request we also offer our services at any other location of your choice.

Our services are available out of office hours, and we are available 7 days a week.

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