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Academic Achievement Checks

Obtain independent verification of a candidate’s academic credentials.

The academic accomplishment (or education) verification is conducted with the nominated institution directly and confirms the dates, subjects, and grades studied as well as the institution attended.

Academic Achievement Checks

These checks report on the following:

  • Confirms the educational institution attended
  • Information about the dates, subjects, and grades studied

Qualification Checks

Education is frequently seen as the key indicator of whether a candidate can carry out a role successfully and securely, whether it be a university degree, a GCSE, or a technical certificate. Qualification checks are an essential component of the job screening process.

Online background checks enable you to obtain a complete picture of your applicants and make a more informed hiring decision. Finding the greatest candidates for the job is essential to the success of your company, regardless of the position or sector you are hiring for.

A qualification check will determine if an applicant has the following credentials:

  • GCSE’s
  • A-Levels
  • University degrees
  • Foundation degrees
  • Master’s degrees
  • Doctorates
  • Professional qualifications such as diplomas
  • NVQs
  • Honour’s Degrees
  • BTEC’s

Additionally, qualifications must be verified for each country of study or residency. All credentials from all countries of residency will be verified by specialised screening. Verification of academic credentials also involves looking into professional credentials and affiliations, which are independently validated by the granting or membership organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic and other educational accomplishments are what qualification checks are looking for. In the event of a thorough qualification check, details such as study time, location, and grade earned will be verified. Verification of eligibility is conducted by open communication with the designated educational establishment.

Qualification checks make sure that applicants possess the skills required for a position.

Qualification checks are crucial for two reasons in particular:

  1. To verify a candidate’s credentials and level of education
  2. In order to confirm the authenticity of a candidate’s additional information

Your organisation is just as good as its personnel, thus it is essential that anybody you recruit can do their duties with precision, expertise, and safety. Among the possible repercussions of hiring an untrained staff are:

  • Personal safety risks exist for clients, consumers, employees, and other members of the public
  • Exposure to deception or dishonest activities
  • Financial repercussions, include lost assets or penalties for noncompliance
  • Damage to reputation

A qualification check should take no more than 7 days when performed by a credible screening organisation, but is sometimes finished considerably sooner.

Qualification checks and academic achievement checks should be performed on all applicants in all jobs and all industries.When a role requires certain credentials, academic achievement checks must be performed prior to the candidate having access to corporate data, property, or customers.


Fully Accredited

Our examiners are fully accredited and members of several Polygraph Associations.

We all use the latest technology and digital instruments. We have been vetted to the highest levels, worked with national and international intelligence services and can undertake the most sensitive investigations in a discreet and totally confidential manner.

We charge from £395 all inclusive at our office in Manchester, but by request we also offer our services at any other location of your choice.

Our services are available out of office hours, and we are available 7 days a week.

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